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Abib Heartleaf Sun Essence - SPF 50 - 50ml

Abib - Heartleaf Sun Essence Calming Drop

Calming SPF essence with wandering heart SPF50 PA++++

 50 ml

Abib - Heartleaf Sun Essence Calming Drop 
 - moisturizing and calming protective essence for the face. It has a very light formula that is almost invisible on the skin. It contains  chemical filters that effectively protect against UVA and UVB radiation and do not leave a white film on the skin, an  extract of wild cardamom , which soothes irritation and redness, and  niacinamide  and panthenol , which care for the hydrolipidic barrier and hydrate. Thanks to its light and non-irritating composition, it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. Hypoallergenic product.

The preparation contains:
  • chemical filters - protect against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiation
  • St. John's wort extract  - soothes irritation and accelerates the healing and regeneration process
  • niacinamide - has anti-inflammatory effects and strengthens the hydrolipidic barrier
  • panthenol - soothes irritation and redness and regenerates
Features of the preparation:
The manufacturer recommends the product for the following skin types and cosmetic imperfections:
  • all skin types, including sensitive
Use:  apply a sufficient amount of essence to the face, neck and décolleté approx.  30 minutes before exposure to sunlight. To maintain sufficient protection,  repeat after 2 hours.  Apply the product as the last step of morning care. It is also suitable under make-up. 

Do a tolerance test before first use. For more information, see our blog post "Tolerance Test" .

Expiry date:
  12 months after opening.

Country of origin:
 South Korea
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